Refurbishment and Renovation

Our agency offers an innovative service in line with the latest tendencies in the market, such as, project consulting based on an established budget that contributes to elevate the quality and professionalism of our proposals.

In case you are unable to find a suitable “move-in ready” solution that meets your requirements, we also provide the option of assisting you inchoosing a property to be refurbished, creating a project that corresponds to your personal needs and budget.

Our agency relies on professionals with experience in the field of acquisition and enhancement of existing properties, a growing trend in Tuscany. Together we can discuss the potential of transforming the property, before the purchase, verifying the project is exactly as you desire.

You will be able to selectfrom afull range of choices including simple restyling to an extensive renovation,with various levels of detail based on the complexity of each case.

The possibility of bringing back to life an old property that is no longer in optimum condition and transforming it into your dream house, not only offers you the advantage of personalizing your home but constitutes animportant investment as well.Purchasing and restructuring a home allows you to obtain a higher final property value that is superior to the acquisition and renovation costs as a sum.

Our technicians will visualize for you, solutions which are not just simple designs but real possibilities to enhance your home while taking into consideration local regulations and the budget previously established.

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Renovation Projects

Renovation of an apartment with typical Tuscan details

Internal layout before...

Internal layout after...

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